CSR Activities

CSR Activities

At One Point One, we believe that our social responsibility goes beyond our business goals. We have a dedicated National CSR Council, headed by a VP Operations, that oversees and implements various CSR initiatives across the country. The council consists of site leaders, HR leaders and HR Champions who work together to make a positive difference in the society around us. Our motto is “Kindness begins at home”.

We use our four sources of capital—intellectual, technology, human, and financial—to design and execute our CSR initiatives, interventions, and programs. We aim to create impactful and sustainable solutions for the social issues that matter to us and our stakeholders.

Our CSR events are not just one-time activities, but experiences that engage our employees and partners in meaningful dialogues and actions. We have, and continue to address the urgent and emerging needs of the society, especially during the pandemic and its aftermath. We have provided food, medicines, oxygen support, doctor’s consultation and counselling to the affected people and their families. We also organize annual donation drives for clothes, books, and gifts around Christmas, reaching out to thousands of families in India. We invite our employees to participate in these events and experience the joy of giving and serving.

We are working on a new CSR policy that will encourage our employees to volunteer for community service. The policy will allow them to take two compensatory leaves per year for completing 8 hours of community service each. Our goal is to ensure that every employee contributes to our national CSR vision.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our focus for the next two years is on four key areas that align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. These are: Education, No Poverty, Good Health & Well-being and Gender Equality. We believe that these goals are essential for creating a better and more inclusive world for everyone. We are committed to supporting initiatives and projects that contribute to these goals and make a positive impact on society

Sustainable Development

Career & Development

We believe that our people are the core of our success. That’s why we have designed our career structuring policies and processes to give them the chance to work on innovative projects, collaborate with the world’s leading brands across industries and take charge of their own growth.

We are proud to offer a “Fast Track” career path that allows our customer relationship executives (CREs) to become team managers in 18 months and managers in 48 months. We have a clear “Career Growth policy” that ensures quick and fair promotions for our team members.

The policy not only rewards them with higher positions and responsibilities but also gives them a 10% monetary hike if they are among the top performers. We provide them with various career development and learning opportunities to help them unleash their potential, build expertise, and create a strong talent pool. We are passionate about learning and we want our people to grow with us.

We are committed to nurturing and advancing the careers of our employees at every level of the organization. Our University Model offers tailored development programs for early to mid-career professionals, based on their roles and potential. These programs help us identify and prepare the right talent for the right role at the right time.

Here is an overview of our development programs for each level:

  • For L1 / L2: We provide digital learning opportunities that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, without disrupting their work schedule.
  • For L3/L4: Team Manager University equips our front-line leaders with the skills and competencies they need to lead high-performing teams and drive business results. We are proud to say that 90% of our Team Managers are promoted from within, which reflects our culture of talent retention and expertise development.
  • For L5/L6: AMU – Account Manager and Director University are designed to groom our internal talent for senior leadership roles, by enhancing their strategic thinking, business acumen, and stakeholder management skills. These programs also support our succession planning framework, by creating a pipeline of ready and capable leaders for the organization.
  • For L7 to L9: Leadership development training plans are customized for each leader, based on their strengths, areas of improvement, and career aspirations. These plans help them develop their vision, influence, and impact as leaders of the organization.

We help you advance your career and develop your leadership skills. Our approach to leadership development is based on nurturing our own talent from within. We fill 70% of our leadership positions with our existing employees, who have the potential and the passion to grow with us.